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Welcome to froufrou le blue, where you will find vintage inspiration for the modern bride! This is my very first post and I am both excited and nervous about my first blogging endeavor, so bear with me as I learn the ropes.

First off, I also have an ‘about me’ page, to learn more about me and froufrou le bleu click here!

A little history as to what brought me here. While living abroad in England in 2004 before marrying my British husband. I started out in the wedding world of course with my own wedding, which I had such an amazing time planning!  Just like you, I would stay up until the wee hours online researching everything to do with creating that perfect day! It can get quite obsessive.. Wouldn’t you say? I think it’s a good obsession though and it is so darn fun! I also did a lot of DIY which was so fun; I designed my own Mantilla wedding veil and hair accessory which was also obviously a money saver! Bottom line, what really made me excited to start this blog was that I realized there does need to be a place to check out  ideas,  advice, photos and plans & there is a ton of value in that!! Back in 2004 I only remember the bride forums on the or other wedding sites with brides discussing ideas back and forth. I don’t think there were too many blogs available at the time so it was only about the magazines, whereas today obviously there are a ton of blogs only a click away! So, then why should you come check out mine?  I feel I put my heart into my research the things I decide to post about, things I remember needing to know about when planning my own wedding. I get so excited about it & randomly think of exciting things I HAVE to post everywhere, in the shower, on the elliptical, you name it! Now of course glossy photos of real weddings don’t hurt, so if you have a vintage inspired wedding you’d like to submit to me after your wedding,  I would it and be so appreciative and love to post it! If you are a wedding industry professional and would like to submit a wedding you have photographed or planned, also contact me via the submit tab.

After our wedding, while living in Surrey, England.. I used my time wisely while living in the cold, gray climate. I took a fashion course at an Art School in Central London and started focusing my energy on millinery and headpieces. I found that I REALLY loved the delicate femininity of the bridal world and started to design Veils and I fell in love with it! I just love the eras of the 1920’-40’s and I always remember being so fascinated as a little girl by my grandmother’s style: the exquisiteness of all the floral hair accessories just gave her face this glow, the yards of lace, beading and pearls worn on her wedding day were so classic, timeless and sophisticated…it seemed my parents couldn’t tear me away from all the old black and white photographs of her! I knew then that I want to be involved with vintage and weddings somehow and wanted to capture that simple yet elegant wow factor essence of “Old Hollywood” glamour.

Have a question wedding related? I have been there and would love to answer any questions! I would say my specialty would be getting that glamorous vintage flair on a shoestring budget.  I don’t think you have to spend thousands on your wedding day look, you just need to know where to look.


  1. Vintage Chic on a shoestring budget.. I’m in <3

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