Tiers of Joy! Vintage Inspired Wedding Cakes!

John F. and Jackie Kennedy Cutting Wedding Cake

Looking for some sweet inspiration? Your wedding cake is one of the most important accessories to your big day, just as important as the dress! Make sure your cake matches your personality and vintage inspiration. Who doesn’t like Cake shopping?! It can be such a fun experience (especially the tasting part!), been scouring the internet for my favorite vintage inspired cakes…feast your eyes on some of my favorites! Yum Yum!

Noteworthy Tips! – Scroll all the way down under cake pics for my definitions on “cake terms!

Happy Tasting!

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Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

Check out this lovely English Shabby Chic cake by Nevie Pie Cakes in Hertfordshire, UK! I can’t get enough of shabby chic and this is gorgeous!!


Simple, chic retro cake from Classic Cakes in Kansas City, MO! Lovely! Love the pops of blue!


Photographed by Mirelle Carmichael, gorgeous!! Perfectly rustic and Shabby Chic! Sorry, don’t have baker info!


Erica Obrien Hamden, CT with this FABULOUS creation! Just love the gold zigzags! So much fun color!


Erica Obrien Hamden, CT once again…this time she created this spectacular shabby chic patten cake. Love this! My daughter’s crib set is similar! Adore..

Shabby Chic-wedding-cake-pink-roses-erica-obrien

Shabby Chic bird cake from Amelie’s house ! Beautiful & so so unique!!!


Fantastic girly pink ruffled cake from The pastry Studio


This floral cake I found on Pinterest was just so gorgeous I had to post..not sure the baker though! :-(


Amazing bespoke vintage inspired cake from Cotton and Crumbs! Such a pretty cake, so delicate, girly & old fashioned!


A piece of Cake?

What’s in a name? Positively everything according to confectioners around the world! Here is what those fancy terms actually mean!

Buttercream – A rich creamy mixture of butter, eggs and sugar..used both as a filling and frosting.

Dacquoise – A paste made with layers of almond, hazelnut meringue and whipped cream.

Ganache – A smooth mixture typically made from chocolate and heavy cream. Flavors can be enhanced as well!

Genoise – An Italian sponge-type cake that is the basis for any layer cakes.

Gum Paste – An edible dough-like paste that can be used for modeling ribbons, flowers, figures and other decorations.

Poured Fondant – A soft, pliable paste made from sugar syrup that is used to fill.

Praline – Caramelized almonds, hazelnut used as a flavoring, filling and decoration.

Pulled Sugar – A taffy-like sugar that is formed into various shapes like ribbons, fruits or flowers…to decorate cakes.

Rolled Fondant – A popular icing with  matte porcelain-like finish that is rolled out like dough and draped over the cake.

Royal Icing – A rock-hard sugar used for trimming and decorations.

Spun Sugar – Also known as Angel Hair. Pulled strands of caramelized  sugar for decorative nests, bows etc.
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  1. Where can d tooth pick flags b bought, the cakes r just stunning

  2. Can you please let me know where I can find someone or somewhere to purchase a shabby chic cake like the one on the picture???

    • Cami,

      Thanks for your question. Where are you located? The designer/baker of this cake is located in Hertfordshire in the UK & called Nevi Cakes and Pies. Let me know where you live or where you will be getting married and I am happy to help you research! :-). If I were you I would take the photo into a good cake designer and tell them the is the design you would like! Let me know and I can help you try and figure it out. Take Care! Any more questions feel free to ask away!

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