How to create a gorgeous vintage inspired wedding dessert bar!


Hello my gorgeous brides to be! 

This was a really fun post for me to do and I think one of my favorite things to research is yummy things that make me drool! Let’s get started !

Soo…a “newish” fun wedding trend which I am sure you are aware of by now.. is offering a dessert bar instead of just a traditional wedding cake. This is a way to serve sweet treats and confections instead of OR in addition to the cake. I personally love this trend and nothing more fun than having your own beautiful, stylish and trendsetting area straight out of the web pages of Pinterest! You can definitely create this and it is a lot easier than one might think! You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you’d like and guests can get up and help themselves and not have to wait for a waitress to hover around! Really fun!

Match your wedding theme

Have lots of different options at your dessert table. The theme of your table should match your entire wedding theme. So obviously in your case, you’re most likely going with a vintage inspired theme, so stick with that at the dessert bar as well. Make sure everything is also color coordinated too with all your “wedding colors” you have chosen for decor, flowers and bridal party attire. For example, it you went with a pink and white theme, you might want to have pink and white cupcakes, pink parfaits in glasses, strawberries dipped in a white chocolate, etc.  Have fun with it and let your imagination run wild and your inner designer come out to play!

What to include 

What you decide to include on your dessert bar is really up to you. You can go ultra high-end and have petit fours, decorated gourmet chocolates and other fancy little treats… or you can go really casual and add jello-parfaits, fruit trifle or cupcakes. Both will be gorgeous, it’s all in the placement on the table and color coordination! Many brides decide to have a cupcake tower that resembles a wedding cake.

Have fruits dipped in chocolate, maybe a chocolate fountain (although that idea is not used as much these days, but lots of fun!), tiny cakes that the guests can take back to their seats. Another fun idea is cake pops and fun colorful swirled lollipops!

Don’t forget 

Oops,a few more last minute tidbits and ideas

  • Be sure to have a lot of coffee and teas to go along with your desserts! They can be served at the table, if your meal was a sit-down…or you can create a fun coffee bar where they can help themselves. Totally up to you.
  • Make sure to add fun, stylish accessories to your table like pretty flowers! Be sure to use amazing glass vases and trendsetting cupcake tiers to set the stage for your pretty sweet centerpieces on your table. Just like the perfect dress, they too need the right amount of accessorizing & styling!

Enjoy Planning & let’s get to these yummy pics!! :-)


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu


Photo Credits – Pinterest



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