Claire Pettibone…and her lovely 2014 Bridal collection! Say no more..”I die”!!


In case you have been living under a rock somewhere, Claire Pettibone is only the hottest and most unique bridal designer style this side of anywhere and in a few words: “Vintage Ethereal Goddess’!! One look at her 2014 runway show for her collection and you just “feel” it, no need to even convey words, only to say every time you see a dress “wow” or “oh wow, OMG, wow..gorgeous”! It’s a feeling, a “claire-ism” you could say. Every time I see a new collection of her work, I envision my wedding all over again and am in a sort of Great Gatsby fantasy somewhere and what I wished I wore is something she created. I have always just loved vintage style, even before it was a “thing” and how I poured over many many magazines (hey, this was 2005 people..) looking for that perfect vintage-esque gown, but never really found it. Claire, where have you been all my life? Where was Claire when I got married? I really wish she was around because I know I would have done gone cray-cray for one of her dresses! The flowy, romantic, vintage vibe her dresses screams eternal beauty and just takes my breath away. So so pretty..

Let us enjoy and behold her fabulous collection below. Keep your eye out for more Claire posts!

claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-1claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-2 claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-3claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-4claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-5claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-6claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-7claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-11claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-12claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-13claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-14claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-15claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-16claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-17claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-18claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-20claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-21 claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-22claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-23claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-24

Enjoy and happy planning!!




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