Jenny Packham Fall 2014 Bridal Fashion Show. A gorgeous and dreamy vintage inspired season..


Jenny Packham 2014.

I have always loved Jenny’s bridal wear! When I was living in England in 2005, I tried on several of her dresses and ended up going for a vintage dress re-designed, but her dresses are SO gorgeous & I will never forget the fit. The way they drape your curves is just sinfully gorgeous! Such grace, elegance and old hollywood dreamy-ness! One cannot help but love and adore her work and craftsmanship.  The thing I love most about Jenny Packham is her subtle use of shimmer, sparkle and sheerness as well as the ladylike quality of her designs. Also, having lived in England and being able to experience the feel of her dresses myself,  it makes me proud to see a British designers do so well across the pond! Good for her!

Enjoy these stunning pics of her show. I also included a little hair and makeup close up at the bottom because that really stuck with me…her look at the show was reminiscent of the old world paintings of the renaissance yet kind of that 70’s studio 54 cool, lots of romantic curls and lots of big hair, a few bobs too!!! Being a naturally wavy and curly hair’d gal myself…made me proud to see all those big flowing locks. Love it!

Gorgeous industrial space, love the lighting!!

An industrial New York venue was transformed into a tree lined boulevard at dusk, setting the scene for Jenny Packham’s latest collection of romantically soft, feminine designs. Intricate, light beading, delicate embellishment and clean, understated silhouettes played homage to an Edwardian inspiration, whilst romantically volumous ballerina skirts, graceful tulle sleeves and elegantly exposed backs brought to mind a very modern bride, evoking scenes of a chic European destination wedding. 

Enjoy the dresses!

jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-1Jenny Packham SP2014SS14 NEW YORK BRIDAL FASHION WEEKjenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-10jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-11jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-7jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-2jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-13jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-5jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-14jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-15jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-16jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-17SS14 NEW YORK BRIDAL FASHION WEEKjenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-20Fall 2014 Bridal Collection - Jenny Packham - Show & 25th Anniversary Reception

Hair Spotlight – Make it big!

Loving the big luminous wavy hair Jenny chose for the show!!

TRESemme For Jenny Packham Bridaljenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-hair and-makeup-big-hair-2jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-hair and-makeup-big-hair-3jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-hair-and-makeup-1179372163ED00134_TRESemme_ajenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-hair and-makeup-big-hair-5jenny-packham-fall-2014-bridal-vintage-inspired-wedding-dress-hair and-makeup-big-hair-6


Enjoy! Happy Planning!


Kirstin @FrouFrou Le Bleu



Celebrity Inspired Ring bling! Molly Sim’s gorgeous vintage inspired engagement ring..


Loving the Bling

This is absolutely one of my favorite subjects in the world of weddings! Just ask any of my friends or my husband and they will tell you…when I hear a celebrity got engaged, the first thing I want to hear and see is what ring they are wearing…and then I get googling! Of course, I get extra excited when I see it’s a sparkler with vintage flair! I absolutely LOVE Halo and bloom rings & if done right, they are amazing and in my opinion…the most gorgeous. Gorgeous and so art deco!

This week I decided to focus my attentions on Molly Sims and her gorgeous cushion cut engagement ring from her now husband, film producer Scott Stuber. The ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz and Scott had the help of Diane von Furstenberg to assist in the design process.  They worked together for several months on it.

The details are : Approx 6 carats, Platinum, estimated price is $80,000 plus! (wow!!) The ring is a cushion cut diamond with beautiful delicate tiny sparkling diamonds surrounding the main diamond all around and all along the band of ring. Some jewlers would call it a ‘Halo’ or as Tacori calls them …a ‘Bloom’.  Can we say sparkle madness??! Stunning!!

Check out pics of Molly and her ring below!

Enjoy the sparkle!


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu


Gorgeous inspiration! Watch the 2014 ‘First Love’ show by Pronovias !


Aww..Pronovias, pure hip, fabulous over the top elegance!

Look no further, find your inspiration in this stunning video footage of the show..

There were over 1800 guests at the Pronovias Runway show 2014 collection this year. The show was held in the Oval Hall of the Museu d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona. Pronovias, Atelier Pronovias and Elie by Ellie Saab were all presented to the captivated audience.

More soon with an official post on pronovias with detailed pics of all the dresses!




My 2014 picks – budget friendly vintage inspired destination wedding gowns you have to own!!


So, you’re looking for a destination wedding dress! 

When they started, destination weddings beamed of daring adventure and romance. The alternative, escapist feel of a beach ceremony was akin to that of an elopement. Today, destination weddings are more the rule than the exception, as these so–called stolen moments have exploded into elaborate week-long ceremonies complete with extended family, orchid petals and exotic cuisine.

The destination wedding dress market has grown to match the market for quality specialty gowns. In the past, brides shopping for destination wedding dresses were met with slim pickings, often having to settle for a simple summer bridal gown or glorified prom dress. But thanks to the meteoric growth of the destination wedding craze, there is now a whole niche market dedicated to producing destination wedding dresses that feel truly special, elegant, and above all, bridal.

But what does one wear for a wedding on a sand-swept desert island, for nuptials under a gleaming waterfall or atop a sun–soaked cliff? What are the trends, the styles, the etiquette behind this developing dress genre?

While much of the charm of the destination wedding dress lies in the exotic mystery of these ethereal gowns, only Dessy’s Destination Wedding Dress Trend Report reveals the crucial styles impacting these exotic fashions.

Strapless. Always a popular choice for brides, the strapless style is a particularly hot trend for destination wedding dresses. Both pretty and practical for a ceremony on a beach or in a tropical garden, strapless destination wedding dresses allow you to take full advantage of your tropical circumstances. As you walk down the aisle in your strapless destination wedding dress, you can enjoy feeling the sun blanketing your shoulders and the warm breeze grazing your bare arms. Strapless destination wedding gowns are as sensible as they are. You don’t want to spend your ceremony sweltering in a high-neck dress or your reception dancing on the beach in heavy crinoline skirts. A strapless destination wedding dress is comfortable, fluid and appropriate.


Layers. Perhaps it’s the way that layers seem to emulate the cascades of a waterfall that make this destination wedding dress trend so appealing. Layered skirts on destination wedding dresses create a textured, sophisticated vision that highlight the special work that went into your gown. Layers are also incredibly graceful because of the way they flow and sway gently as you glide down the aisle. The effect is ethereal and hypnotic and as you walk down in your softly billowing destination wedding dress, you will feel every inch an island princess. Get your princess destination wedding dresses here.


Slight Trains. If you are shopping for more traditional destination wedding dresses, consider a gown with a slight train. A wedding dress train is one of the most traditional elements equated with bridal ceremony, and having one will instantly make you feel like a real bride. Since a mile-long train doesn’t travel well and may be inappropriate for destination wedding locales, the slight train adds just enough ceremony to be both manageable and magnificent. For added ritual, have a junior bridesmaid hold the train up as you walk down the aisle in your traditional destination wedding dress. Check out train styles here.


Bead, lace and sparkle. Just because you are having a destination wedding, doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to all the glitter and gleam of a traditional wedding. Modern destination wedding dresses today have gone from simple to stunning through the addition of special details. Take advantage of this shift by choosing a destination wedding dress with gorgeous lace pretty crystal brooch, or pearl strewn skirt. These details will set your destination wedding dress apart and create a vision of bridal splendor.


Ornate backs. This trend extends from destination wedding dresses to the runways and all the fashion magazines. No matter where your wedding is this year, the bridal back is quickly becoming the hottest showpiece of the ceremony, and destination wedding dresses are no exception. Because of the temperate climates and laid-back atmospheres accompanying destination weddings, don’t be afraid to indulge your sultry side in one of the gorgeous ornate-back destination wedding dresses. From dripping beads to criss–cross ribbons and exotic flowers, give your guests a last glimpse to remember when you walk down the aisle in a beautiful back-fashionable destination wedding dress.

After-Six-Wedding-Dresses Style-low-back-30's-beaded-vintage-inspired-back-straps-front-3dessy-After-Six-Wedding-Dress-Style-1036-vintage-inspred-30's-20's-gown-ivory-budget-friendly-low-back-dress-5

Hope you enjoyed these fab dresses and it helps you be on your way to finding that perfect “one”. Click on photos to shop or go here to shop



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