Oversized blooms! How using a very large hair flower fascinator can update your bohemian wedding look!


Super-size me!

Alright girls, so incase you haven’t known..popping up on the runways all over the world and the “cool-way ” to wear big flowers isn’t tucked behind the ear (aloha) anymore. It’s not even on the side of a low chignon bun (ole’!). It’s this – start with unkept waves or a ruffled milkmaid braid, then place a couple of flowers to one side of the forehead, so they’re a little off-kilter and not too perfect. They should look like they’ve been shoved on without even thinking! Super cool and effortlessly atop your gorgeous head..

Before you roll your eyes and flash me a peace sign, hair flowers have gone through a serious image makeover this past year. What once used to be the favorite head-toppers of hippies and brides are now popping up on the most stylish heads around, be it as colorful crowns, scattered buds, or oversize blooms. Flower crowns are especially popular among It-girls—and not just for music festivals.  Sticking to one bold bloom can have a very stylized dramatic effect. Remember Billy Holiday’s beautiful large white flower?  See below. This is what were going for and more!


Check out these amazing inspiring ideas below with that fashion edge! Oh and be bold and go for some color! Match your flowers with your decor…such an  inspiring and artsy look!  Scroll down to the end of my post for some crazy fun colorful ideas!

Enjoy and happy planning,

Kirstin @ froufrou le bleu

large-hair-flower-english-rose-chris nicholls-1large-bohemian-bridal-style-large-feather-hair-flower.originallarge-flower-bridal-hair-fascinator-oversized-white-flower-hair-clip-bridal-accessorylarge-flower-hairclip-oversized-floral-hair-pin-cliplarge-flower-crowns-floral-crowns-wedding-hairstyle-ideas-romantic-white-and-blush-flower-crownlarge-flower-hair-pin-ivorylarge-hair-flower-cream-ivory-large-flower-bridal-hair-flowerlarge-hair-flower-fascinator-bridal-white-oversized-flower-hair-clip-pinlarge-flower-bridal-hair-Billie-Holiday-Floral-Fascinatorlarge-hair-flower-pin-bridal-floral-accessory-fascinatorlarge-flower-hair-flower-lindsay-ellingson-hair-accessory-large-oversized-hir-flower-pin-bridal-large-hair-flower-pinlarge-pink-chiffon-hair-fascinator-bridal-vintage-inspired


Color me beautiful (and big!).

Why stick to only flowers? Miniature citrus, berries, and a petite pomegranate can create a colorful stunning look! I love the way even the stems add architectural interest to the unique design which features orchids, dahlias, garden roses! Also, though fresh flower crowns are a natural fit for spring and summer celebrations, wintertime greenery, holly berries, and pine cones make the perfect accessory for a cold weather wedding. Beautiful for any season! Wear your “something blue” atop your head.

large-flower-crowns-floral-crowns-wedding-hairstyle-ideas-pink-flower-crown-with-fruit large-flower-hair-clip-fascinator-oversized-hair-flower-pin-hair-cliplarge-hair-accessories-2-oversize-bloomslarge-hair-flower-bridal-accessorylarge-hair-flower-crown-oversized-flower-pinlarge-hair-flower-pin-bridal-floral-accessory-fascinator

photos – pinterest..



Pre-wedding Skincare Woes and tips to help you avoid them!


Beauty Bummers

This was a fun post for me to write. I am a closet skincare junkie and am obsessed with beauty, spas and wellness. I get excited at the sheer thought of a lavender scented oil and some Enya playing in a treatment room, lol. So, even though this post may not be all about spas…you can think of your skincare regime as a journey to your personal wellness and you can do treatments at home which will help prep your skin for your wedding day. Don’t worry..you can get some amazing spa and pampering time in on your honeymoon. 😉

Ok, as a bride, of course you’ve taken great care to make sure you look picture-perfect from head to toe, right? Designer pumps are on your pedicured feet, and your glittering flowing white dress is accented by gorgeous headpiece you’ve chosen or the perfect vintage inspired veil which will lie atop your beautify; flowing locks pr perfectly coifed up do!

You feel confident and beautiful, am I right? No one can steal the spotlight from you on your wedding day! Then.. the horror..before you turn the corner to walk down the aisle, you take a quick look in the mirror to discover that a flaming red pimple has taken up residence in the space between your perfectly shaped brow, eek!! You open your mouth to scream, but instead, you wake up in a cold sweat. It was all a pre-wedding nightmare.

To any bride slacking off on their daily skincare regimen, don’t let this nightmare become your reality! Use the months during your engagement to whip your pores into tip-top shape, no matter what the present-day condition of your complexion may be. Every bride can have skin that radiates with a natural glow..all it takes is a little preparation and special attention to detail. Here are 10 tips I’ve put together to help you achieve gorgeous skin by the time your wedding day arrives! Hope it helps! It’s helped me writing this even if I am already married! Every girl needs a little skincare help to give us that special glow!

Get ready to inspect those pores

Alright girls..pull out a magnified mirror, turn on a bright light (Oh no!!) and take a long look at your reflection. Do you have dry skin or an oily complexion? Knowing your skin type will help you decide which skin care regimen is right for you. If you suffer from regular breakouts or acne, you may need to seek the help of a professional to ensure your skin is in great shape by the wedding. Some medications take up to 12 weeks to take effect, so book an appointment with a dermatologist for a consultation at least six months in advance of the big day. Even if you don’t have a year to prep your pores, it’s important to adopt a healthy skin care regimen as soon as possible! I think you will thank me on your wedding day!


Drink plenty of H2O!

It’s no secret that drinking water is good for your health. And while experts can’t prove that drinking pure H20 will give you clear skin, it can’t hurt to cut carbonated beverages from your diet and drink more water instead! I always wonder if thats true so I slack on drinking water myself, but I will tell you that once I start pounding the water, great things start happening in my body and my skin does indeed have a much prettier look! Some attribute a glowing complexion to water, and that may be true. Experts report that drinking two or more glasses of water a day increases blood flow to the skin, perhaps giving the organ a little boost at the same time. Fine lines and wrinkles may become more visible if you’re dehydrated, so drink plenty of water in the months before your wedding to look and feel your very best. So drink up my Ladies!!

Wash your face every day

Regardless of how much makeup you wear, it’s imperative that you wash your face every night before you go to bed in order to maintain a clear complexion. Use a cleanser that will effectively wash away makeup, dirt and bacteria from your face, and when you’re traveling, use makeup remover towelettes as a convenient alternative. When in doubt, reach for a foaming cleanser that rinses with water — it works well with most people’s complexions, including those who suffer from breakouts. No matter what skin type you have, always use cold water to rinse the suds away — skin could become irritated when exposed to hot temperatures. I also notice that if I have any broken capillaries (which I do sadly), that the warmer or hotter the water is…the more irritated they become. Keep it cool..

Bad Blemish!

No matter how hard to you try to keep your skin in tip-top shape, the stress of planning a wedding is bound to leave you with a pesky pimple or two over the course of your engagement. I find this still to this day during a stressful time or that “time of the month” especially.  To safely zap a zit, dab a small amount of benzoyl peroxide on its surface before going to bed. The blemish should dry out and reduce in size, and in some cases, it could completely disappear by morning. Whatever you do, never squeeze or pick at a blemish (although so tempting!!), even if you’re in a pinch! Doing this could result in an infection, or worse,  leave you with a permanent scar. eek!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize, did I say Moisturize??


Skipping the use of a daily moisturizer will most likely wreak havoc on your skin. Whether you wash your face in the shower or in the sink, apply a moisturizer immediately after drying off — skin is porous and will absorb liquid best during this time.

Those with oily complexions may choose an oil-free moisturizer that’s applied only once a day, while those with dry skin may need a product that’s applied in the morning and at night. Remember, you don’t have to treat all patches of skin the same. Pay attention to which areas are dry and oily, and moisturize accordingly!

Get your beauty rest girlies!

Never underestimate the power of getting a good night’s sleep. It’s not just good for your well-being, but your skin will benefit from a good snooze fest, too. The body produces more proteins as we sleep, rejuvenating tissues and cells, so getting enough rest is important to having healthy skin. Ever notice how on a night you get awful sleep you look awful too? (insert smiley face here!). Sleep deprivation can leave you looking puffy with dark circles under the eyes, so avoid over-celebrating at the bar with your bridesmaids or any late-night wedding planning, especially right before the big day. Make a conscious effort to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep every night and you’re sure to look and feel your best as a result.

Keep Makeup Brushes Clean

Not only can dirty brushes muddy the colors of your makeup palette, but they’re full of dirt and bacteria, too, which can be detrimental to your complexion. No bride needs to deal with blemishes, so clean makeup brushes regularly with a little shampoo and water to avoid any breakouts on the big day. After rinsing the suds from your brushes, hang them up, bristles facing down, and allow them to dry completely before using them again.

Try some at home face masks


While masks shouldn’t replace your daily cleansing routine, wearing one regularly can improve your complexion. Masks melt hard sebum that resides deep in your pores, removing grit and grime that most daily skincare products are unable to do. Plus they look funny and you can scare anyone around you while wearing. haha!

Those with oily skin should wear a mask every other day to remove oil and dirt, while those with dry skin should wear a mask sparingly — just once or twice a month. Even though masks work well with most skin types, don’t wait until right before the wedding to try one for the first time — there is a small chance that you could have an allergic reaction!

Slather on that SPF!

Many brides want their white dress to pop against bronze, sun-kissed skin, but exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays without wearing sunscreen is dangerous to your health. To prevent skin from burning, choose cosmetics with built-in SPF. These makeup products should include a label with PA+, PA+ or PA+++ to indicate the level of UVA protection in the formula, but achieving full coverage doesn’t stop there. Most women don’t wear a makeup application heavy enough to protect them over the course of an entire day, so it’s best to layer moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher on skin before applying a base. When you’re outdoors for a significant amount of time, always reapply sunscreen and makeup to ensure long-lasting coverage from morning to night. Finally, don’t forget to wear lip balm that’s SPF 30 or higher to maintain a perfect pout — a very important accessory for a successful first kiss as husband and wife!

Hope these tips helped and you will be on your way to a fresh face for your wedding day!


Kirstin @ FrouFrou Le Bleu



From This Day Forward – A Modern-Vintage Wedding Collection from Ruche Bridal! Stunning and budget friendly!


I am so happy to announce and post about this gorgeous Vintage Inspired wedding collection introduced by Ruche Bridal.It’s their new collection of beautiful, wedding, bridesmaid dresses, veils, hair accessories, lovely jewels and handbags… and in perfect time for Spring! This collection is dedicated to the vintage savvy bride, full of style, grace and an edgy retro-flaire! So pretty with it’s ethereal goddess-like lines and oodles of chic laces, soft silhouettes & a true vintage romantic vision.  What I am loving most of all…is the affordable price! I got so excited this morning when I saw this will be in store very soon!


About Ruche Bridal

“From the first look to the sendoff, your wedding day should be a unique celebration of your relationship with your spouse-to-be. Our bridal lookbook, From This Day Forward, offers you a modern-vintage wedding collection filled with affordable wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and reception dresses to make your special day beautifully original. Browse through the pages to find the wedding dress of your dreams and the bridal accessories to accompany it. Whether you’re interested in the aesthetics of a vintage wedding dress or are on a budget for your big day, our collection surely holds the wedding dress you’re looking for.

From delicate lace veils to pretty embellished detailing, the wedding dress essentials found in the pages of our lookbook will help you create an enchanting ambiance on the day you say, “I do.” Your vintage wedding dress will accent your enduring love as you walk down the aisle, greet your guests, and kiss to the clink of silverware on glass. If you’re looking for a wedding reception dress, our shorter-length dresses can also be worn as an alternative wedding dress, perfect for the bouquet toss, cutting the cake, and dancing with your loved ones through the evening.

Once you decide on our wedding dress, sort through our bridal lookbook for the bridal accessories you need to complete your wedding day outfit. Slip on a pair of bridal shoes, opt for a sparkly headband or hair comb, and add the finishing touch with a beautiful lace veil. With these wedding essentials in tow, we know your wedding day will be truly unforgettable — an experience you remember from this day forward. ” Ruche

Check out their lovely gallery below! Shop here!

Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-4Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-5Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-7Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-18Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-17Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-11Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses=8 Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-4Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-8Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-9Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-14Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-10Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-15Ruche-Bridal-Line-Vintage-Inspired-wedding-dresses-16

Will be in store soon! Make sure you click here to shop and pick out your gorgeous new dress while you can!

Happy Shopping!



Find that perfect ‘Vintage Inspired’ bridal headpiece fascinator on a budget!


Fascinator Fun!

This post is an exiting one for me because if you know me, you know I love a good bargain and I am always on the hunt for a deal!! Sure, it’s always nice to check out all the top couture designer’s dresses and accessories, but let’s face it, we can’t always afford them and even if we can..it’s always nice to be able to get something that looks fabulous without breaking the bank. As I always think, if I can find something that looks just as good and is fabulous quality at a great price, then go for it! It’s also nice to mix a designer dress or outfit, with something that may be a bargain or vintage.. looks spectacular and nobody knows the difference I can assure you! You can pull it off!

When planning a wedding there are just so many expenses, so why not buy something that brings you in under budget without compromising style!

Check out my favorite beautiful accessories below from Dessy below! I know, Dessy!? They have some cute styles that look high-end designer I swear!

What’s your favorite design? Comment and let me know!

Click on photos or Shop Here!


Nu-Georgette And Feather Flower Bridal Hair Clip

dessy-Nu-Georgette And Feather Flower Bridal Hair Clip

Feather Flower Blusher Headpiece


Rhinestone Star Hair Pins


Double Feather Flower Headpiece With Tulle


Pearl Spray Haircomb


Hope you have enjoyed this fun & useful post!

Happy Planning!












Lose weight and get in shape for your wedding day with Yoga and Cardio. How to get your Sexy back & keep your sanity!


I decided to write this article because I feel losing weight and getting in shape after having a baby have lots of similarities. When you’re getting married..you want to push to look your best in your wedding dress and feel amazing, after having a baby..you have probably gained the baby weight  (for me it was a lot!) and want to feel amazing again..just like you did on your big day! :-) I had a baby 11 months ago and have been working hard on getting myself in the best shape ever and also losing the weight. Everyone loses weight different…for me it has been watching what I eat.. cutting out carbs and eating a ton of fresh fruits, veggies and proteins! I have used meal replacement shakes (shakeology) for one meal a day.. and I also started juicing along the way too. I go to the gym 3-4 days a week where I do yoga, the elliptical and run on the treadmill. So far I have lost all the baby weight (I gained over 65 pounds this pregnancy on my 5 ft 3 frame!) and now am just feeling amazing and the best I have ever felt! It was not that hard because I enjoy it! I think my favorite part is yoga and the serenity it gives me, although running on the treadmill makes me feel so alive!

Anyhow, moral of my story..is that I want my brides to have that same excitement about themselves on their wedding day and it is easier than you think! How you lose the weight and get into shape is highly individual and what works for others may not work for you. You have to find your niche and go with that. Some of my friends love step or zumba classes, whereas I really just love my yoga and some cardio and that’s enough for me. You need to find a good fit for you!

How you feel on your wedding day about yourself is so important. You really want your confidence to shine through and when that happens…you will just glow from the inside and your smile will feel so genuine and that internal beauty will shine as well as the gorgeous bride you will be on the outside!Since I have had such success with yoga and cardio,.I am going to talk about that and give you some great tips, hopefully it will help you!


Practicing yoga yields a myriad of benefits, ranging from an increase in flexibility to weight loss in the long run. “Yoga is a good way to elongate muscles that become contracted during other forms of physical activity or due to long periods of inactivity,” Sabu explains. “It also increases the range of motion and lubrication in our joints, which results in a sense of ease and fluidity throughout the body.” Practicing yoga also helps improve muscle tone and strength because you learn how to carry your weight while executing the poses. No external weights are used during the workout, making it perfectly safe for individuals with sports or any form of injuries to rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies without further injuring themselves.

Regular practice of yoga also results in an alert and calm mind. “Yoga is the only exercise, aside from Pilates, that allows blood to flow towards the head and brain through inversion poses such as the downward facing dog or standing forward bend,” Sabu reveals. “This rejuvenates the mind while building upper body strength and improving flexibility in the lower back and legs.” The breathing techniques you learn during yoga will also help in quietening your mind to relieve stress – a skill that will definitely come in handy during your stressful wedding planning.

Just because yoga is a low-impact workout that comprises mostly of stretching and breathing techniques doesn’t mean it doesn’t aid in weight loss. Higher intensity forms of yoga such as Vinyasa and Hot Yoga is great for weight loss as it keeps the body in constant motion to build up the cardiovascular system while simultaneously stretching and toning the muscles. “As compared to running or other high intensity exercises, yoga is a more complete workout because it works the cardiovascular system while stretching and toning the muscles – the 3 criteria every complete workout is made up of,” Sabu shares. For optimum results, try a combination of Hot, Vinyasa and Sun Salutation Yoga lessons if you’re a veteran yoga practitioner. For beginners, it is advisable to start with a basic Hatha Yoga class to learn the fundamentals before advancing into more challenging classes.

Certain yoga poses such as the plank, boat and triangle poses are especially helpful in firming up the mid-section, waistline and arms. The plank pose and its variations requires you to support your body weight using your arms and core muscles, thereby strengthening and firming up these areas. The boat pose is especially useful in toning the upper thighs and mid-section while the triangle pose and its variations stretches the side muscles and targets the waistline. Maximise your practice by keeping your core muscles engaged by tucking in your belly during every yoga pose for a trim and fit waistline.




There are many methods of exercising to lose weight, but using a treadmill can be a particularly wise choice due to its many advantages. One of the most significant advantages is its convenience. Commercial treadmills are available for purchase so you can use one in your home, making for highly convenient workouts. Treadmill running at home allows you to escape from having to fight bad weather running outside or investing time commuting to and from the gym. Treadmills also offer more precision than running outside, as you will be able to gauge your speed, distance and number of calories burned each workout. Running on a treadmill for weight loss also allows you to multitask — or distract yourself — by reading a book or watching TV during your workout.


Of course, treadmill running for weight loss may not be ideal for everyone. If you have joint problems, the high level of impact may aggravate your injuries, in which case a rowing machine or exercise bicycle might be preferable. And, running on treadmills can be boring with the lack of changing scenery. This boredom may cause you to reduce your workout time and you’ll end up burning fewer calories. Treadmills and gym memberships can also be expensive, so you may find running or riding a bicycle to be preferable for weight loss.

Rate of Calories Burned

How much you get out of your treadmill workout depends upon the speed at which you run. If you weigh 180 pounds, running at a pace of 5 mph will burn 686 calories in 60 minutes. If you maintain a rate of 7 mph, you’ll burn 986 calories in 60 minutes, while a pace of 8 mph will burn 1,157 calories in 60 minutes. Most treadmills have an information panel that allows you to track how many calories you’re burning throughout the duration of your workout so you can adjust speed accordingly to meet your goals. Seeing this information can help motivate you to get the most out of your workouts.

Advanced Techniques

If you aren’t satisfied with your weight-loss progress when running on the treadmill, you can try some advanced techniques to speed up your efforts to slim down. Incorporating some high-intensity interval training, in which sprints are alternated with periods of slower jogging, can help you burn calories efficiently and overcome any frustrating plateaus. Additionally, increasing the incline on your treadmill runs will help you burn more calories and build muscle tissue — which helps increase your metabolism — at a greater rate than endurance workouts with no incline.

The End Result

So how often should you practice yoga and running before you see any changes in your body? Ideally, five times a week, but I truthfully can only manage 3/4 max. I think 3-4 times a week on a regular basis to start to see results. Diet should also play a part in any weight loss plan. Try not to deprive yourself of certain foods; the plan might backfire when you over-deprive yourself and end up overeating. Instead, keep to a clean and healthy diet to complement your exercise regime and reward yourself with an occasional treat every now and then. As an example, I recently started having half and half in my coffee twice a day..rather than Nonfat milk, which I have had for years. It just is so boring to me now! If you can have a few vices while still eating healthy, then by all means go for it! Enjoy yourself..while also remaining mindful of what you are eating at the same time. :-)

It isn’t too difficult to see why yoga is growing increasingly popular, especially among the female population, as a weight loss exercise. Even though yoga is a low-impact exercise, it works the cardiovascular system as hard as and burns just as much as or more fat than high-impact exercises like running do. So, why no do both!? 😉

My last tip would be to just have fun with it! This is your body were talking about the best thing you can do EVER…is to nourish it…and it will nourish your soul!!

Enjoy your workouts, being healthy and your wedding day!

Hope my tips have helped!


Kirstin @ FrouFrou Le Bleu

Sources – The knot/Nest, Pinterest Images, wikipedia

Vintage Inspired Wedding Updo ideas!

Have you decided how you will wear your hair yet?! Here is a mood board I put together for vintage wedding updos! Hope you can find some inspiration and ideas for for your big day!

vitage-wedding-updo-inspiration-board[1] copy

Photo Source – Pinterest

My top three wedding fragrances!

It’s time to discuss yummy smelling fragrances! One of my all-time favorite subjects!

It’s an important subject for a bride. Of course… on your wedding day, you want to look and SMELL your very best! I feel which perfume you choose is like the icing on the cake and the last finishing touch on your ensemble! So important to choose one that everyone remembers for sure! Not only will your husband hug and kiss you, but pretty much every guest that congratulates you as well! Make them remember! Make them ask you “what are you wearing?!!”

Here are my top 3!!


I cannot say enough things about this lovely, sweet melody of a perfume! It just makes me think of rolling around in a bed of flowers each time I wear it. I like sweet perfumes so this is a really nice one of you prefer sweet! J’Adore is really a timeless classic and quite honestly smells like LOVE! Perfect for a wedding day! It’s floral..without being overpowering.Its notes are:andarin, Champaca Flowers, Ivy, African Orchid, Rose, Violet, Damascus Plum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk. My solid # 1!


I have been wearing Michael Kors literally for years! I wore this on my wedding day in 2005! The main note in Michael Kors is Tuberose which is just gorgeous! It really feels rich to me, a very sweet expensive smell. You also don’t have to use too much because it is pretty strong, but the good thing about it, it is not overpowering. A really lovely sweet perfume! “Tuberose reinvented. Rich creamy florals enhanced by sensual woods and exotic incense. Michael Kors is a fragrance that instantly feels right. Feels comfortable. Feels luxurious. Defined by an unprecedented, bold combination of polite and traditional with exotic and sensual – expressing a sophistication and sensuality that is also warm and infinitely wearable.”. A fabulous choice!


I absolutely adore this fragrance and have been wearing it for a few years now. I find Chanel No. 5 too heavy for me, but Coco Mademoiselle is perfect! It is light, sensual, slightly sweet with a note of woodsy, not overpowering and STILL one of my favorite perfume by far! It’s amazing how many compliments I get, even from strangers! The travel size spray and the body lotion are fabulous too.
“This fresh, citrusy oriental scent is enlivened with a sexy, modern kick that recalls the irrepressible spirit of Coco Chanel.” A memorable choice!

Go to your local department store and start sampling sprays!

Happy Smelling!


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu