How to create a gorgeous vintage inspired wedding dessert bar!


Hello my gorgeous brides to be! 

This was a really fun post for me to do and I think one of my favorite things to research is yummy things that make me drool! Let’s get started !

Soo…a “newish” fun wedding trend which I am sure you are aware of by now.. is offering a dessert bar instead of just a traditional wedding cake. This is a way to serve sweet treats and confections instead of OR in addition to the cake. I personally love this trend and nothing more fun than having your own beautiful, stylish and trendsetting area straight out of the web pages of Pinterest! You can definitely create this and it is a lot easier than one might think! You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you’d like and guests can get up and help themselves and not have to wait for a waitress to hover around! Really fun!

Match your wedding theme

Have lots of different options at your dessert table. The theme of your table should match your entire wedding theme. So obviously in your case, you’re most likely going with a vintage inspired theme, so stick with that at the dessert bar as well. Make sure everything is also color coordinated too with all your “wedding colors” you have chosen for decor, flowers and bridal party attire. For example, it you went with a pink and white theme, you might want to have pink and white cupcakes, pink parfaits in glasses, strawberries dipped in a white chocolate, etc.  Have fun with it and let your imagination run wild and your inner designer come out to play!

What to include 

What you decide to include on your dessert bar is really up to you. You can go ultra high-end and have petit fours, decorated gourmet chocolates and other fancy little treats… or you can go really casual and add jello-parfaits, fruit trifle or cupcakes. Both will be gorgeous, it’s all in the placement on the table and color coordination! Many brides decide to have a cupcake tower that resembles a wedding cake.

Have fruits dipped in chocolate, maybe a chocolate fountain (although that idea is not used as much these days, but lots of fun!), tiny cakes that the guests can take back to their seats. Another fun idea is cake pops and fun colorful swirled lollipops!

Don’t forget 

Oops,a few more last minute tidbits and ideas

  • Be sure to have a lot of coffee and teas to go along with your desserts! They can be served at the table, if your meal was a sit-down…or you can create a fun coffee bar where they can help themselves. Totally up to you.
  • Make sure to add fun, stylish accessories to your table like pretty flowers! Be sure to use amazing glass vases and trendsetting cupcake tiers to set the stage for your pretty sweet centerpieces on your table. Just like the perfect dress, they too need the right amount of accessorizing & styling!

Enjoy Planning & let’s get to these yummy pics!! :-)


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu


Photo Credits – Pinterest


Featured Designer – Monique Lhuillier & her stunning bridal line for 2013!


I am back! Yes, it’s been a little nutty the past week with my oldest daughter (4) at home and on spring break!  Mothers or fathers of young children can relate with me. So, apologies for the delay.. and I just had to make time for my brides though and dish some amazing bridal fashion finally! My little escape from the park, chicken nuggets and changing diapers (I also have a 7 month old)! Phweww,,,,and a welcome break at that!

Okay, can I just say how simply awestruck I am at how gorgeous Monique Lhuillier’s Spring 2013 Bridal Collection is! !? Hello – can we just say vintage inspired ethereal madness??! Each gown feels like it stepped out of a fairy tale and is fit for a princess, but also has a slight modern interesting twist …that only Monique can do so well! A great balance of lovely “old school” feel.. intermixed with today’s fashion savvy modern bride.  Need I say more?

With little details like a drop-waists, lots of sheer details, lace, embellishment and the very 2013 longer sleeves… these gowns are right on-trend for a fashionista bride wanting to go vintage without being too OTT. I have to say that Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013 Bridal Collection is so far one of my favorite collections! Just very wearable and realistic from runway to the alter..which is rare. Classy! Just love her!

See below for some of my most favorite pics from the 2013 runway show. My jaw is still dropping! Can I please get married again?? Not really of course! Maybe a vow renewel will be in our near  future.. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Monique Lhuillier’s understated but luxurious bridal designs have earned her a devoted clientele since she launched her business in 1996. Her second line of eveningwear has also garnered accolades and an impressive roster of clients, including Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, and Tyra Banks, but Lhuillier’s best-known celebrity commission may be the dress she designed for pop star Britney Spears for her 2004 wedding to Kevin Federline. “On special occasions women should shine from within,” Lhuillier explained to InStyle writer Hal Rubenstein about her design ethos. “Their glamour should be clean. No overaccessorizing, no overstyling. It’s always dangerous to go out there in something that is not you. People should notice your personality first, not your dress.”

Enjoy these dreamy dresses! I know I am!

For more on Monique’s dresses and collections, see her website here

Have fun!!


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Your perfect destination wedding – Tips on planning your faraway affair!


Modern Day Solution: A destination wedding!

For today’s bride, planning a perfect wedding is still the ultimate dream! And like most women living in the 21st century, it needs to be exciting and most of all…personal! Destination weddings are a very popular wedding trend because the guest list is smaller and more intimate. With family and close friends as guests, the event allows for a reunion with those who mean the most to us. And because destination weddings are unconventional, couples can control how long the celebration will last. Sure, planning a wedding from afar can be a challenge, but if you take advantage of the many resources available to you, the process can be smooth and the event – spectacular! Here are a few tips and ideas for a wedding to remember!

1. Claim Your Discount
Bringing 80 guests to Aruba? Don’t forget to ask the hotel for discounts for you your guests. “Remember, the resort is very interested in having your guests’ business, so they shouldn’t be charging you the absolute full price of the event,” says Carley Roney, The Knot’s editor in chief.

Many destination spots now offer wedding packages and business is booming for some. Sandals Resorts, for example, has seen a big uptick in its wedding business. Last year, the resort experienced a 15% increase in revenue over the previous year. That’s not so surprising given the generous wedding packages it offers. In fact, people planning a tiny wedding of four can even get married for free, provided they book a six-night honeymoon in one of the resort’s concierge-leve suites (or any other premium room). The package includes a Caribbean wedding cake, champagne, the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s boutonni re, a Waterford crystal, a pair of “just married” T-shirts and more.

Regardless of the size of your wedding, however, you should be sure to negotiate with vendors. If there are certain items included in a wedding package that you don’t want, ask for a credit. And if a property won’t drop its rates substantially, look for free upgrades for you and your guests instead. For example, at their hotel in Oahu, the Felipes got a free night and an upgrade from a regular room to the hotel’s best suite.

2. Be Kind to Your Guests
“If you want to do a destination wedding, you have to make it affordable for the people who are coming,” says JoAnn Gregoli, a New York-based wedding planner who specializes in destination weddings. So, lovely though it may be, don’t pick a location that will cost a few thousand dollars for the weekend.

You can submit a request for a group wedding discount online

You also can save your guests money by telling them that their presence at your wedding is the only wedding gift you need, says TheKnot’s Roney. If you’re not willing to give up the registry completely, be sure to register for some inexpensive items.

3. Fair Warning
With a destination wedding, save-the-date cards are crucial. Send them off as early as possible, preferably at least eight months in advance, says Roney. “Remember, this is a destination wedding, and your guests may be planning their family vacation around it,” she says. Giving them a heads-up allows them to shop for the best airfares and work the trip into the family budget.

4. Know the Legalities

If you’re going international, be aware of the legal requirements, says Roney. Many places have marriage fees and residency requirements in addition to a slew of other red tape. England, for example, has a seven-day residency requirement. If you’re tying the knot in Venice, Italy, you’ll need certain documents translated into Italian with special seals from the secretary of state where the documents originate. Other countries, like Mexico, require you to take

chest X-rays and blood tests.

5. The Wedding Planners
Given the added complications of destination weddings, a good wedding planner can be a godsend. After all, you might have to communicate in a foreign language and deal with people who live in a foreign culture. The best favor you can do yourself is to hire an onsite wedding planner.

The easiest way to do it: Hire a wedding planner in area who specializes in destination weddings, and let him or her work with an onsite planner. “It’s sort of like going to a doctor,” says the Association of Bridal Consultants’ Monaghan. “He can take all the information, all the history, all the symptoms and then call a specialist.” And don’t worry about having to pay two fees, says wedding planner Gregoli. The services of the local wedding planner are generally included in the overall price.

How much do wedding planners charge? Whether it’s a flat fee, a per-hour fee or a combination of the two, prices vary by region. Generally speaking, the total fees account for roughly 10% to 15% of the cost of the wedding, Monaghan says. But remember: A good wedding planner can help keep other costs in check. He or she should be in a position to bargain with vendors, who are always looking to curry favor with high-volume professionals.

To find a good planner, start by asking friends and relatives for referrals. You can also check with a reputable wedding association, such as the Association of Bridal Consultants or the Association for Wedding Professionals International for destination wedding planners in your area. also has a helpful database of wedding Web sites organized by region, each with a list of wedding coordinators in the area.

6. Don’t Stress Out
Wedding planners say destination weddings are less stressful than traditional hometown hooplas, since many of the details are simply out of the couple’s control. “It’s the level of trust that matters,” says Gregoli.

Attention, A-types: If you’re planning an island wedding, set your watch to island time and your mind to island mentality. Vendors there are likely to be slower to respond to requests than mainland vendors might be, Gregoli warns. “Just be aware things could be delayed, and don’t stress.”

That said, if there’s an element that’s really important to you say, the band or the photographer you could always bring your own. For a wedding Gregoli recently organized in St. Thomas, the couple flew in a band from New York, and the extra cost didn’t throw the couple over budget. “The food was cheaper [than it would have been in New York], so it all balanced out,” she says. They put the band (six people in all) in an affordable motel, and since the band agreed to a lower fee than they normally charge in New York, the total cost was less than $6,000 the New York average, Gregoli says.

7. Visit at Least Once
For a bigger wedding, at least one previsit is necessary, says Roney. So, alas, in the name of research, you just might have to take an extra trip to paradise with your honey. Tough work, but nobody said planning the perfect wedding would be easy.

Check out my next planning post on destination weddings, when I will reveal my top pics for locations!

Enjoy Planning and Dreaming!


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

Trending – The Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses from Twobirds and Dessy!


Introducing …The Convertible Bridesmaid Dress

There are so many options when it comes to your bridesmaids for your big day! Some of my favorite bridesmaid dresses are the effortlessly chic covertible dresses. What I love about them is that …they are interchangeable! Let’s face it, each bridesmaid has a different body, style and their own comfort level as to what they might want to wear, let’s give them some options! The convertible dress design can be wrapped in so many different styles to flatter everyone! These dresses are the perfect choice if you want your girls to look put together and chic, but still be able to show of their personal style. Some might prefer a more conservative look and more reserved and some might prefer fashion queen hipster –  Your bridesmaids will be thrilled to personalize their dress on the day of the wedding. You can interchange the straps in all kinds of ways! There are also short or long versions. Really cute!

I have included two options below from Twobirds and Dessy.

Loving all the gorgeous colors..something for every color scheme!





Shop below for Twobirds Convertible Bridesmaid dresses!

Twobirds offers chic, comfortable style for your bridesmaids!

Twobirds Long Convertible Dress

Twobirds Long Convertible Dress

Twobirds Tea Length Convertible Dress

Twobirds Tea Length Convertible Dress


















Twobirds Tea Length Convertible Dress

Twobirds Tea Length Convertible Dress




Shop Dessy Convertible Bridesmaid dresses below.

Dessy offers a great price point and a gorgeous dress!

Love all the color options!





Twist Wrap Dress: Long


Twist Wrap Dress: Short


Happy Shopping!


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

Vintage Inspired Blue Wedding Shoe Heels – Luichiny’s My Darling..Adorable!!

My Darling - Teal Satin

Luichiny’s My Darling

Looking to wear a pop of something blue (or pink or red?!) for your wedding day?? These gorgeous vintage inspired blue heel pumps from Luichiny are calling your name..girlfriend..they’re calling my name and I am not even getting married (already been there), but I am buying them myself, what a great price at $89.99 and free shipping…can’t beat it!  I LOVE  LOVE these shoes because you can wear them on your wedding day and then most definitely wear them after!  So cute!! My Darling has a satin upper with a beautiful bow made of ribbon at the vamp. This peep toe style brings you a 4 1/2 inch heel and slight 1/2 inch platform to keep you dancing all night long. Woot Woot!

Oh and FYI, they also come in a gorgeous hot pink, a soft pink and a stunning red..all below!! Dying at how cute they are! :-)

There it is…my shoe lust vent for the day!



Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

My Darling - Fuchsia Satin

My Darling - Blush Satin

My Darling - Scarlet Satin - Free 2nd Day Shipping

Classically Vintage Inspired Wedding in Pasadena from Full Spectrum Photography!


Very excited to share this stunning real wedding in Pasadena, CA! Introducing Teresa and Daniel and their amazing Vintage inspired classic, fresh and inspirational! Love all the young, vibrant touches and especially loving her pretty lace dress and flowing gorgeous hair with flower! Very naturally pretty and bohemian.

Full Spectrum Photography shares details on the most amazing shots!

“Teresa and Daniel are one of those couples you can’t help but love.  We have gotten to know them well over the past year after doing their engagement photos, save-the-date and invitation designs, and now the big day!   Their wedding was spectacular from start to finish.  The girls got ready at the Langham Hotel while the boys headed off to City Hall to take their photos.  From there everyone went to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Church in Altadena for the ceremony.  After the ceremony we did the bridal party and bride and groom romantic photos in downtown Pasadena while their fabulous wedding planner, Linsey of LUX Events put together their reception at Pandora on Green.  There were so many neat details from the retro cameras and old books to the wall of family photos.  We had a hard time selecting our favorite photos from this wedding because there were so many amazing ones to choose from!” – Full Spectrum Photography.”

Luxe Events planned this gorgeous wedding!

“Teresa and Daniel were such a wonderful couple to work with. She wanted a classic and vintage wedding with pearl and lace details. Teresa and Daniel were married in St Elizabeth Catholic Church in Alta Dena, California. There is something very romantic about a church wedding. This church had so much character. Dark woods and beautiful carvings added to the quaint character of the church.  Teresa wanted lots of handmade details for her wedding and that is what Lux Events and Designs delivered.  We made a beautiful photo table backdrop out of strands of lace, traditional cans for behind the car and fun straws with banners to drink from. We gathered vintage books, cameras, photos, and lace to compliment Teresa’s vintage taste. The reception took place at a really unique venue, Pandora on Green in Pasadena.  Thankfully, we had David with Full spectrum Photography on hand to capture all the beautiful moments of the day! This venue is full of exposed brick and open beamed ceilings but keeps its elegance with beautiful grey glass chandeliers. This day was full of love, laughter and dancing and the night ended with a sparkler send off!”


Ceremony Location: St Elizabeths in Pasadena
Event Planner: Linsey Herrera with LUX events and Design
Reception Venue: Pandora on Green Pasadena
Photographer: Full Spectrum Photography
Videographer Amanda Madeline
Florist: Paradise FLorist Los Angeles

Hope you enjoyed this special wedding! Thank you to Teresa and Daniel …and Full Spectrum Photography!

Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

Featured Designer – Johanna Johnson & her lovely vintage inspired bridal collection. Old Hollywood perfection!


I am so excited to introduce fabulous designer Johanna Johnson, she inspires me to the core with her vintage loveliness. When I see her bridal designs, it takes me back to the 20’s and 30’s and conjures up images of the grandeur and glamour of old hollywood and in a very big way! It makes my heart flutter!

A little about the designer…

With a background in graphic design, it’s no wonder bridal and couture designer Johanna Johnson creates pieces known for their meticulous detail and graphic simplicity. She started her first collection after she couldn’t find a dress she wanted for her own wedding and she obviously succeeded in doing so crating her own! Johnson’s designs take inspiration from the opulence of old Hollywood and the 1920’s and 1930’s and translate it into gorgeous, modern silhouettes.

Raised in New Zealand, Johanna Johnson first moved to Australia in 1989 to study graphic design. After finishing her studies, she moved to London where she worked in branding and advertising. A few years after, while searching for her own wedding dress, she felt there was a gap for a vintage inspired luxury bridal wear company that carried high standards. With this in mind, she began to conceptualize Johanna Johnson couture and in 2005 opened her first store in Paddington, Sydney. Inspired by vintage flea markets in Paris, Johnson currently designs one to two bridal collections a year, as well as bridal and evening wear accessories, her Trousseau line and a lifestyle range.

She also designs veils and headpieces which you will see below! Stunning!!

For more information on Johanna Johnson, click here!



Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu


Sources – Australian Vogue and Pinterest.

Oscars 2013 brings Pale and Sparkly Bridal Inspiration to the Red Carpet!


Trending on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars was definitely nodding to Pale side! The trends were split between ethereal pale dresses and sparkly, eye-catching metallic gowns. Some gorgeous inspiration for all you brides out there!!



Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

Jennifer Lawrence stunning in Dior Haute Couture


Jessica Chastain wows in Alexander McQueen

85th Annual Academy Awards Oscars, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 24 Feb 2013

Amy Adams is beautiful in Oscar De La Renta


Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen


Charlize Theron in Christian Dior Couture


Naomi Watts is amazing in Armani Prive


Kristen Stewart in a pretty Naeen Kahn dress


This was so fun! Loving all this dreamy inspiration!

Shopbop Free Express Delivery And Easy Returns

#3 – Create your own free online wedding website for your big day!


Planning # 3

Finally my next installment to the planning process! Some days I am amazed I can get anything done with a 4 year old and a 5 month old!  I always make time for my brides though and so very excited to get another planning post out to you! Hope it’s helpful!

Must do – start a wedding website!

So, you’ve picked a date, started planning many of the main exciting attributes of your wedding and your next step is to get online and start a wedding website! You really don’t have to be very tech savvy to start one, it’s super easy and you really want a page/hub dedicated to your wedding and you as a couple! It can be really fun to start up and you can pick a design that best suites you and get your creative juices flowing!

Best Site to start your wedding website hands down – Wedding Paper Divas!

Looking for a fresh and modern way to share the details of your special day? Then look no further than Wedding Paper Diva’s FREE wedding websites that match more than 40 of their bestselling wedding invitations. This means you can now easily create an ad-free site complete with online RSVP capabilities and more-and keep it FREE for one year! Plus it’s a great way to share sentimental stories and touching photographs with friends and family as you get ready to walk down the aisle.

With their fast and simple customization process, you can make absolutely amazing wedding websites in a snap! To get started, simply pick your favorite layout and any color of your choice. Also, you can add as many pages as you would like and fill them full of wonderful content that visitors can browse through and enjoy. As I mentioned before.. there’s no advanced programming knowledge required, even the least tech-savvy bride can create stunning FREE wedding websites in no time at all.

Wedding Paper Divas is offering a FREE wedding website templates to match more than 30 of their bestselling wedding invitations. This means that you can now easily create an ad-free personal wedding website complete with online RSVP capabilities and more—and keep it FREE for one year! Get started now to ensure that everything will be beautifully designed and perfectly coordinated as you prep for your big day! Check them out! Click below!

I think you will love their templates and find it so much fun!

Happy Planning and get typing!

Have a great weekend!


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu





Chic 1920’s Vintage Style Bridal Headpieces from ShopBop’s wedding boutique! Amore..


Well, it’s mid February already (?!) and I am sure lots of you are starting to get down to the wire if you have a spring or summer wedding and probably shopping for your bridal accessories! I am so so excited to introduce our new partner Shopbop and their wedding boutique which is spectacular!!!! Most importantly to this post inparticular, is their amazing collection of wedding headpieces accessories! What I really love about all these different headpieces below…is they are more like a headpiece “jewell” if you will….and very special and most definitely unique. I feel all the different designers shopbop features have a certain interesting look to them and very 20’s bohemian art deco mixed with a little grecian thrown in ….and who doesn’t love that!?! Really Really very pretty and delicate against the face!  Have you decided it you will wear a veil for your ceremony or a headpiece? Even, if you do decide to wear a veil…it could be kind of fun to change into a headpiece for the reception! Or maybe.. forget the veil alltogether and choose to wear a lovely headpiece instead! Oh.. and another thing I adore about Shopbop is their free shipping! Yes!

Ok girls..let’s take a look at these beautiful bridal headpieces!! I don’t know about you, but I am in love!!



Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

P.S. For more info on any headpiece, click on the photo!

DANNIJO Jazhara Hair Piece

DANNIJO Jazhara Hair Piece

Dauphines of New York Opulent Glamour Headdress

Dauphines of New York Opulent Glamour Headdress

Dauphines of New York Jubilee Headband

Dauphines of New York Jubilee Headband

Erickson Beamon China Club Headpiece

Erickson Beamon China Club Headpiece

Enchanted Atelier Sophie Pendant Band

Enchanted Atelier Sophie Pendant Band

Jacquie Aiche Moonstone Rondelles Dome Headpiece

Jacquie Aiche Moonstone Rondelles Dome Headpiece

Jenny Packham Acacia Headdress II

Jenny Packham Acacia Headdress II

Deepa Gurnani Scalloped Headband

Deepa Gurnani Scalloped Headband

Jenny Packham Acacia Headband

Jenny Packham Acacia Headband

Shopbop Fashion to Your Door Worldwide (728x90)

Celebrity Inspiration – Brazilian model Caroline Trentini weds in custom Oliver Theyskens bridal dress!

Brazilian model Caroline-Trentini-married-Fabio-Bartelt-custom-Olivia-Theyskens-11

When I decide to do a post on weddings I love in the media, they have to be a wedding where I IMMEDIATELY gasp with a “wow”!! When I first saw these pics in Vogue last year on model Caroline Trentini’s wedding…I did just that! Swoon!!! After announcing their engagement on Twitter last November 2011, model Caroline Trentini and photographer Fabio Bartelt were married March 3rd, 2012 at a church in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Trentini wore a dress and veil designed by Oliver Theyskens — with a bit of a resemblance to Kate Middleton’s wedding gown… Gorgeous is all I have to say!!

“When Caroline Trentini was fifteen, the model began a running joke with Olivier Theyskens that one day, he would design her wedding dress, and over the years the two playfully renewed the pact backstage at his shows and whenever they met. Oliver Theyskens approached the dress as a representation of the bride herself: a contrast, as he puts it, between strength and sweetness. He chose a dense gold satin coated in white pigment, which appeared faintly matte gray in the evening light in Itajaí, Brazil, the beachside town where the wedding took place and where Bartelt was raised. For a touch of delicacy, the dress was overlaid with white lace, forming a plunging neckline and gracefully slim sleeves. “The fabric is where something was happening,” Theyskens says, though the satin did not arrive from Italy until a week before the wedding.”

Let us gawk over these gorgeous pics!



Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

Brazilian-model-Caroline-Trentini-married Fabio Bartelt-in-custom-Olivia Theyskens-wedding-6Brazilian-model-Caroline Trentini-married-Fabio-Bartelt-wedding-4Brazilian-model-Caroline-Trentini-married-Fabio Bartelt-wedding-2Brazilian-model-Caroline-Trentini-Fabio-Bartelt-wedding-2Brazilian-model-Caroline-Trentini-married Fabio-Bartelt-in-custom-Olivia Theyskens-5 Model-Caroline-Trentini-wedding-dress-custom-Oliver-Theyskens-bridal-12Brazilian-model-Caroline-Trentini-married Fabio-Bartelt-in-custom-Olivia-Theyskens-wedding-9Brazilian-model-Caroline-Trentini married Fabio-Bartelt-custom-Olivia-Theyskens-valentino-flatsBrazilian-model-Caroline-Trentini-married Fabio-Bartelt-in-custom-Olivia -theyskens-wedding-12Brazilian-model-Caroline-Trentini-married Fabio-Bartelt-in-custom-Olivia-Theyskens-wedding-8


Article & photo source – Vogue and Pinterest

Gorgeous wedding from Heather Elizabeth Photography..introducing Sean and Susannah!


I am SO honored to post these beautiful wedding photos from seriously talented Bay Area photographer Heather  Elizabeth! What caught my eye immediately with this wedding was the amazing huge smile on the bride’s face the entire time! You can tell they are a really fun & very happy couple and I love that their personalities really shine through in the photography! Especially beautiful Susannah and her smile!!  I absolutely adore Susannah’s gorgeous lace frock and her flirty birdcage veil. The perfect vintage bride!

Here is what heather says about this spectacular wedding she photographed!

“Sometimes my job is just kind of unreal.  When Sean and Susannah booked me for their Washington DC wedding months ago, I actually had a hard time believing I would actually be doing it. Seemed way too good to be true… “what.. I am getting paid to go to the US Capitol? PINCH ME!!!”. No one pinched me, so I was still left in this daze of excitement.  It wasn’t until I was leaving for my early morning flight in April that it finally hit me.

The second I showed up to Susannah and Sean’s place to photograph Susannah getting ready… it seemed to all just kind of fall into place.   I saw how excited her and her family was and from that moment on the stress of the trip didn’t really matter anymore and this was going to be an amazing day. All 13 hours of photographing this wedding was filled with fun, excitement, and just enough chaos.  One of the finest moments of the day would have to be the moment I saw Susannah with that “pinch me is this real?” look on her face while she looked at her ring in the limo ride to the Capitol for group photos.

“Oh my God, I’m married!”

As my first wedding of 2012, if this is any indication of what my year will be… it’s going to be pretty mind blowing.”

Enjoy the photos and thanks again Heather Elizabeth Photography!!! Check out her site if you are looking for a great photograopher!

Have fun and hope these inspire you as much as they did me!


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

















heather-elizabeth-photography-sean-susannah-16 heather-elizabeth-photography-sean-susannah-17























Congratulations Sean and Susannah!