Gorgeous inspiration! Watch the 2014 ‘First Love’ show by Pronovias !


Aww..Pronovias, pure hip, fabulous over the top elegance!

Look no further, find your inspiration in this stunning video footage of the show..

There were over 1800 guests at the Pronovias Runway show 2014 collection this year. The show was held in the Oval Hall of the Museu d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona. Pronovias, Atelier Pronovias and Elie by Ellie Saab were all presented to the captivated audience.

More soon with an official post on pronovias with detailed pics of all the dresses!




My 2014 picks – budget friendly vintage inspired destination wedding gowns you have to own!!


So, you’re looking for a destination wedding dress! 

When they started, destination weddings beamed of daring adventure and romance. The alternative, escapist feel of a beach ceremony was akin to that of an elopement. Today, destination weddings are more the rule than the exception, as these so–called stolen moments have exploded into elaborate week-long ceremonies complete with extended family, orchid petals and exotic cuisine.

The destination wedding dress market has grown to match the market for quality specialty gowns. In the past, brides shopping for destination wedding dresses were met with slim pickings, often having to settle for a simple summer bridal gown or glorified prom dress. But thanks to the meteoric growth of the destination wedding craze, there is now a whole niche market dedicated to producing destination wedding dresses that feel truly special, elegant, and above all, bridal.

But what does one wear for a wedding on a sand-swept desert island, for nuptials under a gleaming waterfall or atop a sun–soaked cliff? What are the trends, the styles, the etiquette behind this developing dress genre?

While much of the charm of the destination wedding dress lies in the exotic mystery of these ethereal gowns, only Dessy’s Destination Wedding Dress Trend Report reveals the crucial styles impacting these exotic fashions.

Strapless. Always a popular choice for brides, the strapless style is a particularly hot trend for destination wedding dresses. Both pretty and practical for a ceremony on a beach or in a tropical garden, strapless destination wedding dresses allow you to take full advantage of your tropical circumstances. As you walk down the aisle in your strapless destination wedding dress, you can enjoy feeling the sun blanketing your shoulders and the warm breeze grazing your bare arms. Strapless destination wedding gowns are as sensible as they are. You don’t want to spend your ceremony sweltering in a high-neck dress or your reception dancing on the beach in heavy crinoline skirts. A strapless destination wedding dress is comfortable, fluid and appropriate.


Layers. Perhaps it’s the way that layers seem to emulate the cascades of a waterfall that make this destination wedding dress trend so appealing. Layered skirts on destination wedding dresses create a textured, sophisticated vision that highlight the special work that went into your gown. Layers are also incredibly graceful because of the way they flow and sway gently as you glide down the aisle. The effect is ethereal and hypnotic and as you walk down in your softly billowing destination wedding dress, you will feel every inch an island princess. Get your princess destination wedding dresses here.


Slight Trains. If you are shopping for more traditional destination wedding dresses, consider a gown with a slight train. A wedding dress train is one of the most traditional elements equated with bridal ceremony, and having one will instantly make you feel like a real bride. Since a mile-long train doesn’t travel well and may be inappropriate for destination wedding locales, the slight train adds just enough ceremony to be both manageable and magnificent. For added ritual, have a junior bridesmaid hold the train up as you walk down the aisle in your traditional destination wedding dress. Check out train styles here.


Bead, lace and sparkle. Just because you are having a destination wedding, doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to all the glitter and gleam of a traditional wedding. Modern destination wedding dresses today have gone from simple to stunning through the addition of special details. Take advantage of this shift by choosing a destination wedding dress with gorgeous lace pretty crystal brooch, or pearl strewn skirt. These details will set your destination wedding dress apart and create a vision of bridal splendor.


Ornate backs. This trend extends from destination wedding dresses to the runways and all the fashion magazines. No matter where your wedding is this year, the bridal back is quickly becoming the hottest showpiece of the ceremony, and destination wedding dresses are no exception. Because of the temperate climates and laid-back atmospheres accompanying destination weddings, don’t be afraid to indulge your sultry side in one of the gorgeous ornate-back destination wedding dresses. From dripping beads to criss–cross ribbons and exotic flowers, give your guests a last glimpse to remember when you walk down the aisle in a beautiful back-fashionable destination wedding dress.

After-Six-Wedding-Dresses Style-low-back-30's-beaded-vintage-inspired-back-straps-front-3dessy-After-Six-Wedding-Dress-Style-1036-vintage-inspred-30's-20's-gown-ivory-budget-friendly-low-back-dress-5

Hope you enjoyed these fab dresses and it helps you be on your way to finding that perfect “one”. Click on photos to shop or go here to shop



Article Source and photos – Dessy.com

The Knot Wedding Shop

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis engaged!







Well, what do you know?! It appears that Ashton Kutcher’s quiet little romance with Mila Kunis has reportedly blossomed into an engagement!!

I knew they were up to something looking so in love and adorbs! The former “That ’70s Show” co-stars have never been shy about PDA since they began dating in 2012, but neither one has talked much about the relationship. Reps for both actors have been mum, with only a telltale photo of a diamond ring on Kunis’ left hand to fuel speculation she and Kutcher will soon be tying the knot!

I am so excited to hear more on the wedding plans and wondering what this absolutely gorgeous bride will wear! Very exciting!


Um..I’m sorry, could she be any more gorgeous!!? We think not!


And judging by how amazing she looked as a bride on the filmset of “Ted” with Mark Walberg, we can be assured she will surely sparkle as a real life bride she will soon be!



Can’t wait to see and hear more as the planning starts! No doubt I will be back with more info as it transpires!

Congrats to the happy and gorgeous couple!




Gorgeous Vintage Inspired wedding at the Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco!


A perfectly vintage day..

I have the pleasure to post the most beautiful wedding photographed by Heather Elizbeth at such a gorgeous location, yayy…so excited! Stunning Bay Area couple Lauren and Alex had the pleasure to share their vintage inspired nuptials at the most adorable amazing little old fashioned church called the Swedenborgian Church in SF! I grew up in the City and remember visiting that church to check out it’s history & architeture with friends. Such a timeless, romantic and cozy venue..

The Swedenborgian church is a historic Arts & Crafts chapel with a luscious garden and is located in picturesque Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco, an unforgettable location for a memorable wedding! The landmark is famous for it’s century-old tradition of celebrating beautiful ceremonies and had been treasured by man over the years. Lovely location if you;re looking for a church setting. Really unique and must be seen to understand.

The bride wore an amazing ‘vintage inspired’ classic old hollywood style dress ,which was custom handmade for her in SF. Love the beautiful lace, the satin silhouette, plunging back and who could forget her perfectly 40’s retro hair which so completes her vintage look! Her groom looks equally dapper!

I really enjoyed checking out these pics! A huge thank you to Heather Elizabeth Photography for allowing me to post her stunning shots of this memorable day for Lauren and Alex!

Enjoy these lovely photos and hope it can bring you some inspiration!



heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church001heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church002heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church004heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church005heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church006heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church007heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church008heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church009heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church011heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church012heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church013heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church014heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church016heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church017heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church019heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church020heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church022heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church023heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church025heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church027heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church029heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church030heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church031heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church033heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church034heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church038 heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church039heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church041heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church043heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church044heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church045


Photo Credits – Heather Elizabeth Photography 

Find that perfect ‘Vintage Inspired’ bridal headpiece fascinator on a budget!


Fascinator Fun!

This post is an exiting one for me because if you know me, you know I love a good bargain and I am always on the hunt for a deal!! Sure, it’s always nice to check out all the top couture designer’s dresses and accessories, but let’s face it, we can’t always afford them and even if we can..it’s always nice to be able to get something that looks fabulous without breaking the bank. As I always think, if I can find something that looks just as good and is fabulous quality at a great price, then go for it! It’s also nice to mix a designer dress or outfit, with something that may be a bargain or vintage.. looks spectacular and nobody knows the difference I can assure you! You can pull it off!

When planning a wedding there are just so many expenses, so why not buy something that brings you in under budget without compromising style!

Check out my favorite beautiful accessories below from Dessy below! I know, Dessy!? They have some cute styles that look high-end designer I swear!

What’s your favorite design? Comment and let me know!

Click on photos or Shop Here!


Nu-Georgette And Feather Flower Bridal Hair Clip

dessy-Nu-Georgette And Feather Flower Bridal Hair Clip

Feather Flower Blusher Headpiece


Rhinestone Star Hair Pins


Double Feather Flower Headpiece With Tulle


Pearl Spray Haircomb


Hope you have enjoyed this fun & useful post!

Happy Planning!












Claire Pettibone…and her lovely 2014 Bridal collection! Say no more..”I die”!!


In case you have been living under a rock somewhere, Claire Pettibone is only the hottest and most unique bridal designer style this side of anywhere and in a few words: “Vintage Ethereal Goddess’!! One look at her 2014 runway show for her collection and you just “feel” it, no need to even convey words, only to say every time you see a dress “wow” or “oh wow, OMG, wow..gorgeous”! It’s a feeling, a “claire-ism” you could say. Every time I see a new collection of her work, I envision my wedding all over again and am in a sort of Great Gatsby fantasy somewhere and what I wished I wore is something she created. I have always just loved vintage style, even before it was a “thing” and how I poured over many many magazines (hey, this was 2005 people..) looking for that perfect vintage-esque gown, but never really found it. Claire, where have you been all my life? Where was Claire when I got married? I really wish she was around because I know I would have done gone cray-cray for one of her dresses! The flowy, romantic, vintage vibe her dresses screams eternal beauty and just takes my breath away. So so pretty..

Let us enjoy and behold her fabulous collection below. Keep your eye out for more Claire posts!

claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-1claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-2 claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-3claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-4claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-5claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-6claire-pettibone-bridal-wedding-gown-dress-7claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-11claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-12claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-13claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-14claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-15claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-16claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-17claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-18claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-20claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-21 claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-22claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-23claire-pettibone-wedding-bridal-gown-vintage-inspired-24

Enjoy and happy planning!!





Kelly Clarkson Weds Brandon Blackstock in gorgeous country wedding & in a Temperley gown!

kelly-clarkson-wedding-pic-2Now ask me if I am a Kelly Clarkson fan and my answer would probably be no. Not because she isn’t talented, believe me, I know she is! No, it’s just not my style of music and..I never really was an American Idol fan so I guess I never gave her a chance.  That probably isn’t fair being that she has really come a long way from that little American Idol girl with with the side swept 90’s brown bob! Can I just say, what a gorgeous and genuine person she seems to have become and as I look at her wedding, everything about it screams down to earth, fresh, earthy and touch of “vintage country” chic, I just can’t help but fall on love with everything about her & her wedding. The smokey mountain location was just stunning! I’m a mountain person myself at heart and nature brings me peace and serenity like nothing else, Iv’e spent time in the Smokeys and it is just so beautiful! My favorite places in this world are small, relaxed little towns where a person can just be themselves amongst the trees! This is what I see in this couple, their wedding and rightfully so! You can tell lots about this couple from all the little special touches they chose. Beautiful! Oh and let us not forget Kelly’s romantic lacey Temperley dress! Swoon! More about that down below..

Now onto the details of this lovely fete!

According to people magazine, Kelly and Brandon were rumored to be thinking they may elope after they cancelled their original wedding plans. “Kelly confirmed the happy news via social media on Monday, Tweeting “I’m officially Mrs. Blackstock :-) We got married yesterday at Blackberry Farms in TN, the most beautiful place ever”!”

The duo originally planned to have an earthy outdoor wedding in the backyard of their Nashville home that they share, but life got in the way and they opted for a more low-key event.

“Our whole life is a celebration” the former American winner said. “We would rather have an intimate moment that’s special”. I wholeheartedly agree Kelly!

Kelly wore a gorgeous Temperley London Bridal gown…a beautiful “country chic” long sleeved lacy dress…with lots of Vintage touches. So girly, pretty and delicate! Can I just say that Alice Temperley is one of my all-time favorite designers! Just a sight to behold and a gorgeous dress!

Enjoy these gorgeous pics and a huge congrats to Kelly and Brandon!


Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu


Article and photo sources, people.com and e online.

John Legend weds model Chrissy Teigen in a fabulous retro inspired wedding in Lake Como, Italy!


Congratulations go out to Mr. and Mrs. Legend!

I know I am almost a month late on this post, but just had to post this gorgeous wedding!! I just can’t stop looking at the photos. Loving the whole vintage, elegant, retro vibe..

The ceremony took place in Lake Como, Italy, in front of family and friends, and  the bride wore a strapless ivory Vera Wang gown. She changed into a second Wang gown for the reception.

Legend and Teigen have been together for seven years, and got engaged in 2011 during a vacation in the Maldives. Earlier this year, she told People that Legend would perform “All of Me,” which he wrote about her, at the wedding.

Now let’s talk about Chrissy’s gorgeous dress, OMG!

Soon after she posted the pic, Vera Wang in a statement said Teigen actually wore three dresses by the famous designer on her big night.

“The ceremony gown was an ivory strapless open back, V-neck ballgown with lifted tulle skirt and tiered flange, hand-cut petal embroidered detail,” the release said. “The reception gown was an ivory strapless mermaid gown with micro pleated bodice and sheared organza full skirt.”

Last but not least, the after-party gown “was a crimson strapless mermaid gown with hand-draped bodice and inverted flange skirt with embroidered crystal wheat detail.”

Teigen gave her fans a few more details from the lavish wedding, including not being able to hold back tears during a special song.

Congrats to the happy couple! Now let’s enjoy these stunning pics! What a beautiful couple.


Kirstin @ FroufrouLeBleu

john-legend-model-chrissy-wedding-8john_legend_chrissy_teigen_wedding_handout_from_john_legend3_full-1john-legend-chrissy-teigen-wedding-7john-legend-wedding-kiss-8john-legend-wedding-picsJOHN LEGEND WEDDING PARTYjohn-legend-wedding-pics-4 john-legend-wedding-pics-5john-legend-wedding-dress-gown-6elle-john-legend-chrissy-teigen-wedding-1


Article sources, people mag and ABC news, photos, pinterest..


Featured Designer – Anna Campbell.. gorgeous vintage inspired, whimsical dresses that will make you swoon!!


I am SO excited to feature this amazing bridal designer today…introducing Anna Campbell! OMG, her dresses are so gorgeous, where have they been hiding?!! The feel of Anna’s dresses are simply stunning ; imagine..vintage, romantic, jeweled, and simply gorgeous gowns that actually feel comfortable on. They really flow and seem to move with any bride that steps her pretty pink toenails foot into them…get ready to kick off your shoes and dance with one of Anna’s dresses on!  I am feeling a bit of Art Deco mixed with Bohemian..my absolute favorite combo & the perfect juxtaposition. The vintage jeweled encrusted details are just incredible, pure sparkle, romantic laces and tulle each time you turn around! These elegant and timeless dresses are worth a look!  Get ready to be complimented for years to come..

As someone who loves to get crafty with a bit of lace, beading and tulle myself creating accessories and veils…I can tell you that am very inspired by her story and designs! You will be too..

A little history on this very talented designer..

Melbourne designer, Anna Campbell has created a name for herself through beautifully crafted designs, encapsulating an elegant, vintage feel.

Inspired by her grandmother’s impeccable style and her own love for soft, feminine designs, Anna started her own label selling fascinators to local boutiques. Due to increasing demand, the highly anticipated Anna Campbell boutique was opened in Brunswick. A year later, Anna opened her second boutique in Armdale, Victoria.

Specializing in unique bridal gowns, enchanting cocktail and maxi dresses, exclusive made to measure bridal garments and handmade accessories..all pieces are comprised of luxurious materials, perfectly adorned with intricate embellishments and hand finished with a signature touch of class.

Let’s check out these amazing dresses!

For more info on where to see and order her gorgeous dresses, please see website – www.annacampbell.com.au



Kirstin @ Froufrou Le Bleu

Ruche Wedding Collection


Photo Sources: Pinterest

Article Sources for bio- Anna Campbell’s website

Ruche Wedding Collection

Lose weight and get in shape for your wedding day with Yoga and Cardio. How to get your Sexy back & keep your sanity!


I decided to write this article because I feel losing weight and getting in shape after having a baby have lots of similarities. When you’re getting married..you want to push to look your best in your wedding dress and feel amazing, after having a baby..you have probably gained the baby weight  (for me it was a lot!) and want to feel amazing again..just like you did on your big day! :-) I had a baby 11 months ago and have been working hard on getting myself in the best shape ever and also losing the weight. Everyone loses weight different…for me it has been watching what I eat.. cutting out carbs and eating a ton of fresh fruits, veggies and proteins! I have used meal replacement shakes (shakeology) for one meal a day.. and I also started juicing along the way too. I go to the gym 3-4 days a week where I do yoga, the elliptical and run on the treadmill. So far I have lost all the baby weight (I gained over 65 pounds this pregnancy on my 5 ft 3 frame!) and now am just feeling amazing and the best I have ever felt! It was not that hard because I enjoy it! I think my favorite part is yoga and the serenity it gives me, although running on the treadmill makes me feel so alive!

Anyhow, moral of my story..is that I want my brides to have that same excitement about themselves on their wedding day and it is easier than you think! How you lose the weight and get into shape is highly individual and what works for others may not work for you. You have to find your niche and go with that. Some of my friends love step or zumba classes, whereas I really just love my yoga and some cardio and that’s enough for me. You need to find a good fit for you!

How you feel on your wedding day about yourself is so important. You really want your confidence to shine through and when that happens…you will just glow from the inside and your smile will feel so genuine and that internal beauty will shine as well as the gorgeous bride you will be on the outside!Since I have had such success with yoga and cardio,.I am going to talk about that and give you some great tips, hopefully it will help you!


Practicing yoga yields a myriad of benefits, ranging from an increase in flexibility to weight loss in the long run. “Yoga is a good way to elongate muscles that become contracted during other forms of physical activity or due to long periods of inactivity,” Sabu explains. “It also increases the range of motion and lubrication in our joints, which results in a sense of ease and fluidity throughout the body.” Practicing yoga also helps improve muscle tone and strength because you learn how to carry your weight while executing the poses. No external weights are used during the workout, making it perfectly safe for individuals with sports or any form of injuries to rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies without further injuring themselves.

Regular practice of yoga also results in an alert and calm mind. “Yoga is the only exercise, aside from Pilates, that allows blood to flow towards the head and brain through inversion poses such as the downward facing dog or standing forward bend,” Sabu reveals. “This rejuvenates the mind while building upper body strength and improving flexibility in the lower back and legs.” The breathing techniques you learn during yoga will also help in quietening your mind to relieve stress – a skill that will definitely come in handy during your stressful wedding planning.

Just because yoga is a low-impact workout that comprises mostly of stretching and breathing techniques doesn’t mean it doesn’t aid in weight loss. Higher intensity forms of yoga such as Vinyasa and Hot Yoga is great for weight loss as it keeps the body in constant motion to build up the cardiovascular system while simultaneously stretching and toning the muscles. “As compared to running or other high intensity exercises, yoga is a more complete workout because it works the cardiovascular system while stretching and toning the muscles – the 3 criteria every complete workout is made up of,” Sabu shares. For optimum results, try a combination of Hot, Vinyasa and Sun Salutation Yoga lessons if you’re a veteran yoga practitioner. For beginners, it is advisable to start with a basic Hatha Yoga class to learn the fundamentals before advancing into more challenging classes.

Certain yoga poses such as the plank, boat and triangle poses are especially helpful in firming up the mid-section, waistline and arms. The plank pose and its variations requires you to support your body weight using your arms and core muscles, thereby strengthening and firming up these areas. The boat pose is especially useful in toning the upper thighs and mid-section while the triangle pose and its variations stretches the side muscles and targets the waistline. Maximise your practice by keeping your core muscles engaged by tucking in your belly during every yoga pose for a trim and fit waistline.




There are many methods of exercising to lose weight, but using a treadmill can be a particularly wise choice due to its many advantages. One of the most significant advantages is its convenience. Commercial treadmills are available for purchase so you can use one in your home, making for highly convenient workouts. Treadmill running at home allows you to escape from having to fight bad weather running outside or investing time commuting to and from the gym. Treadmills also offer more precision than running outside, as you will be able to gauge your speed, distance and number of calories burned each workout. Running on a treadmill for weight loss also allows you to multitask — or distract yourself — by reading a book or watching TV during your workout.


Of course, treadmill running for weight loss may not be ideal for everyone. If you have joint problems, the high level of impact may aggravate your injuries, in which case a rowing machine or exercise bicycle might be preferable. And, running on treadmills can be boring with the lack of changing scenery. This boredom may cause you to reduce your workout time and you’ll end up burning fewer calories. Treadmills and gym memberships can also be expensive, so you may find running or riding a bicycle to be preferable for weight loss.

Rate of Calories Burned

How much you get out of your treadmill workout depends upon the speed at which you run. If you weigh 180 pounds, running at a pace of 5 mph will burn 686 calories in 60 minutes. If you maintain a rate of 7 mph, you’ll burn 986 calories in 60 minutes, while a pace of 8 mph will burn 1,157 calories in 60 minutes. Most treadmills have an information panel that allows you to track how many calories you’re burning throughout the duration of your workout so you can adjust speed accordingly to meet your goals. Seeing this information can help motivate you to get the most out of your workouts.

Advanced Techniques

If you aren’t satisfied with your weight-loss progress when running on the treadmill, you can try some advanced techniques to speed up your efforts to slim down. Incorporating some high-intensity interval training, in which sprints are alternated with periods of slower jogging, can help you burn calories efficiently and overcome any frustrating plateaus. Additionally, increasing the incline on your treadmill runs will help you burn more calories and build muscle tissue — which helps increase your metabolism — at a greater rate than endurance workouts with no incline.

The End Result

So how often should you practice yoga and running before you see any changes in your body? Ideally, five times a week, but I truthfully can only manage 3/4 max. I think 3-4 times a week on a regular basis to start to see results. Diet should also play a part in any weight loss plan. Try not to deprive yourself of certain foods; the plan might backfire when you over-deprive yourself and end up overeating. Instead, keep to a clean and healthy diet to complement your exercise regime and reward yourself with an occasional treat every now and then. As an example, I recently started having half and half in my coffee twice a day..rather than Nonfat milk, which I have had for years. It just is so boring to me now! If you can have a few vices while still eating healthy, then by all means go for it! Enjoy yourself..while also remaining mindful of what you are eating at the same time. :-)

It isn’t too difficult to see why yoga is growing increasingly popular, especially among the female population, as a weight loss exercise. Even though yoga is a low-impact exercise, it works the cardiovascular system as hard as and burns just as much as or more fat than high-impact exercises like running do. So, why no do both!? 😉

My last tip would be to just have fun with it! This is your body were talking about the best thing you can do EVER…is to nourish it…and it will nourish your soul!!

Enjoy your workouts, being healthy and your wedding day!

Hope my tips have helped!


Kirstin @ FrouFrou Le Bleu

Sources – The knot/Nest, Pinterest Images, wikipedia

Chic, Vintage, Inspiration – Grace Kelly’s gorgeous wedding day look!


Grace Kelly is one of my favorite iconic beautiful brides of all time! Her sense of timeless beauty and elegance is something that every bride aspires to. I just can’t stop staring at her wedding photos, they exude a soft, angelic quality and her beauty is so immense, it’s unreal. She is definitely one of my all-time favorite vintage inspiration looks ever!  I mean, look at the amazing detail in the lace, pearls in the bodice of her dress and the fantastic detail in her veil. Not to mention her pretty face just glowing extreme beauty and class! Really stunning..a true beauty..I could go on and I am sure you could too..

Where did this beautiful gown come from??

Grace’s wedding gown for the religious ceremony was a gift from MGM. It was created by Helen Rose, MGM’s costume designer and personal friend of Grace. The nearly 320 yards of lace used in the bodice and train was antique, and had been purchased from a museum for an estimated $2,500. In addition, Ms. Rose used 25 yards of silk peau de soie, 25 yards of silk taffeta, and approximately 100 yards of silk tulle. The gown had a high, stiffened lace collar with a close-fitting bodice and arms. It buttoned down to a silk cummerbund, and then descended in a perfect bell shape to the floor. The back of the gown was a marvel, the silk skirt dividing in such a way that the antique lace and tulle seemed to flow from the waist into a long, graceful train. The three petticoats beneath were so well made that the designer admitted they could have been worn separately as evening dresses. Each was decorated with tiny blue bows, “something blue”. The bodice and Grace’s lace Juliet cap were re-embroidered with seed pearls, as were her shoes. Ninety yards of tulle tied with bows of taffeta and lace constituted her veil.

Who was Grace Kelly?!

Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents were John Brendan Kelly, the son of Irish immigrants, and Margaret Katherine Majer, the daughter of German immigrants. Grace’s mother Margaret, a former fashion model, had studied physical education at Temple University in Philadelphia and was the first woman to be head of the Physical Education Department at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Grace’s father, known as Jack, had won three gold medals in rowing in the 1920 and 1924 Olympics. Jack had started his work career as a bricklayer and after serving in World War I, he created a bricklaying business that made him a millionaire.

Besides Grace, the Kellys had three other children: Margaret Katherine, known as Peggy, born on June 13, 1925; John Brendan, Jr., known as Kell, born on May 24, 1927, and Elizabeth Anne, known as Lizanne, born June 25, 1933. Grace’s brother Kell followed his father’s athletic footsteps and competed in rowing at the 1948, 1952 and the 1956 Summer Olympics. He won a bronze medal in the 1956 Olympics. Interestingly, Grace’s son Albert participated in bobsledding in the Winter Olympics of 1988, 1992, 1994, 1998 and 2002 and has been a member of the International Olympic Committee since 1985.

Grace Kelly was a well known film actress before her marriage. Among her films are: High Noonwith Gary Cooper, Mogambo with Clark Gable, three Alfred Hitchcock films: Dial M for Murderwith Ray Milland, Rear Window with James Stewart, and To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant, The Country Girl with Bing Crosby and William Holden for which Grace won an Academy Award for Best Actress, and her last film High Society with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

Tragically, Princess Grace died on September 14, 1982 from injuries received in an automobile accident. :-( We miss her dearly. Such a tragedy..

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What is Guipure Lace?

You’re probably wondering…what is Guipure? Well, I will give you the short version of a very long answer! Guipure comes from a french word meaning vellum or parchment and is a heavy lace with no net background. To make Guipure lace, the old French lace makers would form the outlines of the pattern on the parchment. The patterns were held together with “brides” or “bars” made with a needle and thread. Now days, of course the lace is sewn by machine, using cotton or rayon to acetate the background.

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